Idris Elba Confirmed For Pacific Rim

A few weeks back we reported the Idris Elba was in contention for a large role in two high profile Hollywood projects. The first was Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained and the second one was Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim.

With Jamie Foxx all but confirmed for the lead role in the new QT flick, it looks as if Elba has decided to go with del Toro and will officially be joining Pacific Rim. Deadline reports that Idris Elba will play the lead role of of Sensi as he joins Son of Anarchys Charlie Hunnam in the film, which starts shooting in November.

Elba has been on the cusp of fame for a while now. While he’s most known for his work on HBO’s The Wire, the actor also appeared in Thor and will have a role in the upcoming film Prometheus, from director Ridley Scott. Those two films combined with Pacific Rim should be enough to boost Idris Elba onto the next level.

Although he would have been perfect for Django Unchained, his involvement in Pacific Rim is definitely a step in the right direction. He’s a fantastic actor who rarely gets the recognition he deserves. He has great screen presence and can take absolute control of a scene. Hopefully Prometheus and Pacific Rim can take Idris Elba to where he deserves to be, on the A list.

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