Here’s What Idris Elba Could Look Like As James Bond


The internet went wild yesterday when it was reported that EON’s top choice for the next James Bond was longtime fan pick Idris Elba. The prolific star’s known for his rugged charm and grit, so it’s clear that he’d make an amazing 007. But what would he actually look like in character as England’s greatest spy?

Well, following the rumors, digital artist Boss Logic mocked up a poster of Elba as Bond. Perhaps to reflect that the actor’s take on the character would be an all-new 007, the artist decided to dress his version in a distinctive red shirt under his tuxedo, in contrast to the secret agent’s usual white shirt. Still, it’s clear how easily the Luther star would slip into the role.

In his caption for the piece, Boss Logic made another interesting casting suggestion: “I would love to see #henrycavill in this movie, he mentioned 007 but I’d like see him as the big bad,” he wrote. That’s an intriguing idea and could be interesting on a thematic level if the nemesis of Elba’s Bond looks more like the typical image of 007.

That said, we shouldn’t get too carried away with imagining what Idris Elba taking on S.P.E.C.T.R.E. with a Walther PPK would look like. Apparently, the statement director Antoine Fuqua made about the actor being the frontrunner for Bond No. 7 never actually happened, as the story’s now been debunked by his reps.

Ah well, it was nice while it lasted. On the upside, today’s curious turn of events does show that there’s a real hunger out there to see Idris Elba play the character once Daniel Craig hangs up his holster after Bond 25. With any luck, EON will genuinely take this into account when it comes to casting the next James Bond.