Idris Elba Fuels James Bond Speculation With Cryptic Tweet


The internet went wild the other day when it was reported that EON’s top choice for the next James Bond was longtime fan pick Idris Elba. The prolific star’s known for his rugged charm and grit, so it’s clear that he’d make an amazing 007. But unfortunately, it turned out that the reports were nothing more than rumors made up by some overeager fans. Or were they?

Though they’ve since been debunked, Elba himself’s now fueling the speculation with a cryptic Tweet he posted earlier today. Taking to the social media platform, the actor shared a photo of the top half of his forehead (yeah, we don’t get it either) along with the caption: My name’s Elba, Idris Elba. Clearly referencing the iconic Bond line, it’s unknown if this is just him having fun with his fans, or he’s genuinely hinting at something, but it’s certainly got people talking once again.

If nothing else, it just goes to show that there’s a real hunger out there to see Idris Elba play the character once Daniel Craig hangs up his holster after Bond 25. And with any luck, EON will genuinely take this into account when it comes to casting the next 007.

After all, we know that the producers are open to having a black, or even female, Bond after Craig, and it wouldn’t surprise us at all if they did indeed go with Idris if they decide to head down the former route. At 45, he’s certainly getting on in age, but he could still have at least 3-4 films in him if he were to pick up the Walther PPK and assume the role.

Regardless, the 25th installment in MGM’s legendary James Bond franchise remains on course to hit U.S. theaters on November 8th, 2019. And after that? Well, we can’t say just yet, but with any luck, outing number 26 will have Mr. Elba suiting up to bring 007 to life.