If there’s one thing you could change about the DCEU, what would it be? Reddit has some suggestions

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Warner Bros.

With recent controversies rocking Warner Bros Discovery’s handling of its film properties based on DC comic book heroes, starting with spending $90 million on a Snyder cut of Justice League that failed to make much of an impact when it debuted on HBO Max to the cancelation of Batgirl, which would have featured a hotly-anticipated return of Michael Keaton to the cowl.

It feels like the DCEU has been damned with poor management decisions, poor reviews, and even poor behavior by some of its stars. So one Redditor asked the rhetorical question, “If there was one thing you could change about the DCEU, what would it be?”

Naturally, when one thinks about Warner Bros’ fountain of bad superhero vibes, a single name comes to mind. Unfortunately for this fan, Warners has indicated they may be too deep into the upcoming 2023 flick The Flash to dump it down the memory hole the way they did Batgirl:

And this fan thinks that changing the villain in Superman Returns would have made it as popular as Iron Man:

And this fan would have gone the Marvel Cinematic Universe route and treated the audience slowly and gently, treating them with a nice warm origin story to get them in the mood before inviting them to slip into their extended universe:

Whatever the fans would do, it’s good to know that the loving steady hand of Warners CEO David Zaslav is on the wheel to steer it into the sweet loving embrace of oblivion.