IFC Midnight Picks Up Irish Horror Film The Hallow



In a seven figure deal, IFC Midnight has picked up the U.S. distribution rights to the Irish horror film The Hallow, which recently premiered at Sundance. The flick is directed by Corin Hardy, a protege of Edgar Wright’s, who secured directorial duties on The Crow remake – though whether that film will ever see the light of day remains to be seen.

The Hallow did well at its Sundance premiere last Sunday, garnering fairly positive reviews. It tells the story of a London conservationist who goes to Ireland to survey an area of ancient forest for a possible construction project. The locals believe that the land is hallowed ground, but of course, this is not about to deter the city-folk from walking right in and waking up unnatural evil.

Naturally, the locals are right, and demonic forces are unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. A predictable horror set-up? Yes, but it’s all a matter of the execution, and it appears that Hardy knows what he’s doing.

Everyone loves a good horror story, and the Irish have a very long history of producing them. It’s a thrill to know that The Hallow will get proper U.S. distribution, especially with Hardy as a major up and comer in the industry. If The Crow ever manages to actually get off the ground, we will get to see what he can do with that story as well.

There’s no word yet on when The Hallow will receive its wide release, but we will let you know the dates when we hear them. Until then, check out the brief clip below for a taste of what the film is all about.

Source: Deadline

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