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‘I’m pretty sure I would have remembered’: That cameo in ‘The Flash’ definitely isn’t who everyone thinks it is

That clears it up, then.

the flash
via Warner Bros.

To put it lightly, there are many cameos in The Flash, and they run the entire gamut from the jaw-dropping and genuinely surprising to the questionable and downright queasy.

Diving headfirst into the uncanny valley with reckless abandon, there’s a lot of sketchy CGI to be found, so much so that a lot of audiences left the theaters completely and utterly convinced they’d spotted Teddy Sears, who appeared as the Golden Age version of the Scarlet Speedster in 20 episodes of The CW’s spin on the source material.

the flash
via Warner Bros.

However, after being tracked down by TV Line to clear up the confusion once and for all, the actor made it perfectly clear that it wasn’t him, if only for the fact he’s fairly sure he wouldn’t have forgotten about being dragged down to the set of a $200 million superhero blockbuster.

“People kept telling me that I was in the new Flash movie. I mean, I’m sleep-deprived with a newborn at home, so my memory is a little foggy. But I’m pretty sure I would have remembered shooting a major DC Studios film. Sadly, I’m not in this. Thanks for confirming!”

Now that Sears has denied his involvement, the consensus has been reached instead that it’s a de-aged John Wesley Shipp instead, which neatly sums up the overall sentiment towards The Flash‘s VFX in general. Some of the guest stars are absolutely horrendous to look at, to the extent that people can’t even tell if it’s one actor or another, despite the fact Sears and Shipp look nothing alike.

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