New Image Of Tom Cruise In Jack Reacher

One of the films that has us intrigued is Christopher McQuarrie‘s Jack Reacher, which is an adaptation of Lee Child’s novel One Shot. Today, a new image has been released for the film showing off its main man, Tom Cruise. The actor stars as the eponymous literary icon who is an ex-military policeman turned vigilante who gets involved in bringing down a military trained sniper that has gunned down four victims.

Among the many things that the film has to offer, you’ll get to see Reacher beating people into a pulp on screen, as Cruise mentions in a piece by EW:

For those of you who know the books, I’m obviously not 6-foot-5, like Jack Reacher. But Lee felt that I was the right guy to drive fast cars and kick the shit out of people onscreen.

The main villain and one of the people Cruise is likely to beat the shit out of is going to be played by Werner Herzog. The prospect of a face off between him and Cruise is insanely tantalising but also as the potential to be totally ridiculous. Christopher McQuarrie, the director and screenwriter, says the draw of Jack Reacher is the moral reasoning.

He is free from any sort of anxiety. He is truly not encumbered by all the bullshit that makes up our daily lives. He literally and figuratively has no baggage… He is an extremely pragmatic, matter-of-fact person. He’s very solitary, but he can’t walk away from a situation that needs to be made right. His own sense of right and wrong tie into that situation and he can’t leave until it’s been resolved. That’s his Achilles heel.

In essence, we can expect a full blown morality play with tiny Tom beating the crap out of people for a couple of hours. I’m sold.

Jack Reacher opens on December 21st.