New Images From The Amazing Spider-Man 2

the amazing spider-man emma stone

Thanks to Comic-Con getting set to kick off and Entertainment Weekly’s preview issue, we’ve had a ton of reasons to get excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this week. Yesterday, we got the first look at a fully charged version of Jamie Foxx’s Electro, and we also heard an interesting quote from Spidey himself, Andrew Garfield, about whether Peter Parker could actually be gay. Today, we’ve got even more for you, with a bunch of new stills from the film showcasing friends and foes.

The first image, which you can see above, shows Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker back together, and very happy about it. That happiness likely won’t last much longer, but hey, why spoil their fun now? The rest of the images, which we’ve gathered in a gallery below, have a few shots of Spidey climbing walls, shooting his webs in an awesome suit, and confronting a pre-transformation Max Dillon. There’s also a picture of Paul Giamatti before becoming Rhino.

Where it gets really exciting though is the new image of Electro, completely blue and glowing with charge. He’s got a chip attached to his head, which appears to be some sort of computer chip, or perhaps a Sony memory card (nice product placement guys). This gives us an even better idea of the Electro we’ll be seeing, and he looks absolutely menacing. We still haven’t gotten to see his full suit, but from the shoulders up he appears to be a terrifying villain and a worthy foe for our friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

With Comic-Con kicking off later today, there’s likely going to be some more Spidey news to marvel over, so be sure to check back with us as we’ll be bringing you all the news about Marc Webb’s much-anticipated sequel.

What do you think of these images for The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Check out the gallery below and then head down to the comments section to share your thoughts.