New Images From Captain America: Civil War And Suicide Squad Surface

With Deadpool and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice now behind us, it’s time to look ahead at the rest of 2016’s superhero offerings, and two of the most exciting upcoming flicks are without a doubt Suicide Squad and Captain America: Civil War.

We’ve already seen a lot in the way of footage and photos from both projects, but as their releases draw closer, the marketing machines are continuing on full steam ahead. And this time, they’ve delivered some new images via USA Today.

As seen in the gallery above, the shot from Civil War shows off Cap and Bucky and was accompanied by the following quote:

“Bucky was always looking out for him when Steve was a smaller weak kid who needed direction and guidance,” Sebastian Stan said. “Steve’s become the caretaking parent and Bucky is more of an unstable child now — someone who’s really struggling to have more of a sense of identity and is totally lost and confused with who he is.”

In regards to the Squad, we get two photos from David Ayer’s upcoming film, with the one of the whole gang assembled in the rain being particularly cool. As with the Cap photo, these ones were also accompanied by a quote, with Ayer explaining how the villains believe they deserve friendship and love:

“Suicide Squad takes these people who are rejected by the world, who think they aren’t good people, beyond just ‘Hey, we’re villains and we do bad things’ but are really people who believe they are deserving of love and friendship.”

Captain America: Civil War will be with us first, on May 6th, and Suicide Squad will follow shortly after on August 5th. Tell us, which film are you most looking forward to?