New Images From The Dark Knight Rises

Another day and another set of promotion for The Dark Knight Rises.

Fan breath is collectively bated and in seven days we will finally get to see Christopher Nolan‘s finale to his Batman trilogy in all its 164 minute glory.

Today, we have a whole handful of new images. While they’re not terribly exciting, they do give us some new, and really great looks at Bane, Catwoman and John Blake, as well as Bruce Wayne and Miranda Tate in flagrante deliticto.

Fortunately, they give absolutely nothing away about the film, so those (like myself) who want to be kept in the dark about The Dark Knight Rises, can enjoy seeing only glimpses of what to expect on July 20th.

It’s very exciting to think that we’re just under a week away now. The wait has been a tough one, but we’re almost there folks, just hang in there a bit longer.

Check out the new images below and let us know what you think.

Source: The Playlist