New Images And Info On The Hangover Part II

Today Empire brings us some new photos and details on the upcoming and highly anticipated comedy, The Hangover Part II. Reuniting Todd Phillips with his original cast, and throwing in a few new fresh faces, The Hangover Part II will hands down be 2011’s funniest film. I love Todd Phillips and I have yet to be disappointed in any of his films. I’ve seen The Hangover multiple times and it never fails to entertain. The sequel is one of my most anticipated films and the May 26th release date can’t come soon enough.

Released today were two new photos and a few small tidbits of information. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a proper trailer, only the teaser. But nevertheless check out the new photos (above and below). I love the one above simply because it reminds me of that moment from the first film when they had given up, thinking they had lost Doug forever and Phil has to make the phone call to Tracy. As for the second photo, it’s just a set photo, nothing special. Read on to see what the cast has to say about the film.

Justin Bartha, who plays Doug has said that “Doug isn’t lost in this one. There are similar circumstances, but he’s a little bit more involved,” which is good to know since I liked the character of Doug and was upset that he got such little screen time in the first one. The cast went on to speak about the film.

“Bangkok is fucking cool: romantic and terrifying. I was afraid I might spin out on some William S. Burroughs-like bender, but I resisted. For the most part,” Ed Helms said. “I didn’t feel like we’d started the movie ‘til we were in Bangkok – things started getting crazy, people started getting sick. We needed to get it into our blood. Literally. On a bacterial level,” Bradley Cooper added. He then went onto say  “I’m delighted by the developments in Alan & Phil’s relationship… It gets tremendously physical! What you think is the punchline is actually the setup.”

Ed Helms added, “You’ll see demons in Stu that will shake every fiber of your being.”

Paul Giamatti spoke to GQ about the film and told them that “I don’t think I’m supposed to reveal it entirely, but I play a really unpleasant, creepy guy who terrorizes them for a while. It’s like the first one, filled with all these odd little cameo parts.”

Finally Bartha adds that “well your first instinct is to think ‘Sequel—shitty version of the first film out to make money.’ But as soon as that thought entered my head, I remembered: this is a movie written and directed by Todd Philips with the cast and crew of ‘The Hangover.”

Excited yet? You should be!

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