New Images Of Michael Cera In Sebastian Silva’s Crystal Fairy

Imagine a film that stars Michael Cera as a an ‘acidic, self-absorbed’ young man whom we really all love, because why wouldn’t you love someone like that? What? That sounds like every other Michael Cera film ever? But this is a new one and it’s set in Chile, not American suburbia, so it’s bound to be different.  Right? RIGHT?!

Several images have surfaced of Michael Cera in just such a film (via The Film Stage) and they’re … not terribly inspiring.  The film is Crystal Fairy, the director Sebastian Silva, the star is Michael Cera as Jamie and the plot is as follows:

“[Jamie] invites a stranger to join a road trip to Chile. The woman’s free and esoteric nature clashes with Jamie’s acidic, self-absorbed personality as they head into the desert for a Mescaline-fueled psychedelic trip.”

So, what? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets Eat, Pray, Love with a smattering of Scott Pilgrim? The newest images certainly make it look that way. Cera cavorts on the beach, chills in a tent, chills with some friends. Everythings looks very Chilean and spiritual and Mescaline-fueled. While the photography is excellent, I cannot get past the fact that I still want to punch Michael Cera in the face.

Again, perhaps I’m being unfair and incredibly biased. This is Cera’s second collaboration with Silva – the first being Magic, Magic, a film decidedly darker in tone – and there’s every chance that it will not make me want to jam spoons in my ears. But the plot just doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence. It sounds very rote.

Crystal Fairy has been accepted at Sundance for 2013, so they at least have some faith in the film. It also stars Gabby Hoffmann, Juan Andres Silva, Jose Miguel Silva and Agustin Silva … wait. That’s a lot of Silvas. So do three Silva’s counteract one Cera? One can only hope.

Crystal Fairy comes to Sundance 2013 on January 27. You can check out the images below and make your own decision.

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