Netflix Reveals First Look At Robert Rodriguez’s New Superhero Movie

We Could Be Heroes

There have always been two distinct sides to the career of Robert Rodriguez, which have seen him veer between the director of R-rated action-driven fare like Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City and Machete and the creator of whimsical family-friendly adventures like the Spy Kids franchise and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

Alita: Battle Angel marked the first time that he genuinely straddled both aspects of his output by creating a PG-13 sci-fi that appealed to virtually every demographic, but was also packed with some surprisingly visceral set pieces, and it surely wasn’t a coincidence that balancing the best of both worlds in his first project where he was kept on a relatively short leash by the studio yielded the biggest box office hit of his career.

Of course, as well as writing, directing and producing the majority of his movies, Rodriguez has also served in countless other capacities over the years including editor, composer, sound effects editor, visual effects supervisor, production designer and more. Now, the one-man filmmaking crew has made the jump to Netflix with original superhero story We Could Be Heroes, and you can check out the first images from the pic below.

The latest of his kid-centric ventures, the movie follows the children of the world’s superheroes who need to team up and save their kidnapped parents from an alien invasion. We Could Be Heroes will mark the streaming platform’s first original title of 2021 when it debuts on January 1st of next year, and based on his previous PG-rated offerings, it could provide the perfect antidote to distract the little ones for a couple of hours as the older generation nurses a headache from the prior evening’s celebrations.