Dave Bautista Prepares To Fight The Undead In New Photos From Zack Snyder’s Zombie Movie

Dave Bautista

In a turn of events that nobody could have seen coming, Zack Snyder has two movies heading to streaming this year, both of which find the filmmaker on familiar turf and revisiting a genre that’s served him very well in the past.

Of course, his brand new version of Justice League is the one grabbing all of the headlines, which is completely understandable when fans have been demanding to see his cut of the dismal DCEU blockbuster for well over three years at this point, and the HBO Max exclusive is set to debut in March with audiences waiting to discover if it’ll be worth all of the hype.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s Army of the Dead doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it marks Snyder’s return to the realm of the undead for the first time since his debut feature Dawn of the Dead. The concept is about as high as they come, too, following an elite group of mercenaries planning a heist on a Las Vegas casino smack dab in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Two new images have now been revealed from the upcoming actioner, one of which gives you a great idea of how the hulking Dave Bautista compares to a normal sized human being, and you can check them both out below.

We haven’t even seen any footage from the movie yet, but Netflix must be incredibly confident that it’ll launch a franchise because a prequel has already wrapped shooting, while an anime series is also in the works. Once the Snyder Cut has been unleashed upon the world, focus will swiftly shift to Army of the Dead to build anticipation for the streaming giant’s latest big budget blockbuster, and it’s expected to be with us at some point later this year.