The Latest IMAX Poster For Thor: Ragnarok Is A Thing Of Beauty


Ever since the first Iron Man debuted in theaters back in 2008, Marvel Studios have put on a clinic nearly every time a poster for one of their movies is revealed. Really, they’ve got some veritable wizards working in the graphic design department and, not surprisingly, the latest bit of promotional material for Thor: Ragnarok carries on that proud tradition.

A few weeks back, a rather striking IMAX poster hit the web, being both colorful and making one recall the comic books that served as the inspiration for this flick. This time, though, we’re given the model that most memorable Marvel posters have been based on, but, quite frankly, it always proves to be effective.

Take a look at the latest one-sheet in the gallery below, along with a few from the other week, and let us know what you think.

Odds are that whenever you think about the more recognizable posters to have promoted the likes of Iron Man, Captain America or even Ant-Man, you imagine the titular hero being front and center, with the various supporting characters orbiting them. Well, that’s pretty much the case here, as we see the Odinson flanked by the likes of Loki and Valkyrie, with others on the outer edges.

Understandably, both Hela and the Hulk are given ample space, with the former serving as the primary antagonist and the latter providing a guest role that’s sure to put more than a few extra butts in seats, continuing to cement the idea of a connected universe.

What’s kind of funny is that “Experience it in IMAX” occupies more space than the actual title of the movie itself. But are you going to let a poster tell you what to do? Well, if you like seeing superhero flicks in the most epic of scopes possible, you probably will.

Thor: Ragnarok arrives in theaters on November 3.

Source: Screen Rant