The Dark Knight Rises Has A New IMAX Poster

As The Dark Knight Rises rockets towards a July 20th release date, one more impressive, IMAX specific poster has surfaced via Comic Book Movie, showing The Caped Crusader standing tall above a crumbling Gotham City.

Digging the new visuals? Usage of a fiery color scheme beautifully depicts the chaos Batman will inevitably have to face in his final Christopher Nolan helmed outing, setting a suited up Christian Bale against an elaborate IMAX worthy background of impending doom.

Nolan shot over an hour of footage on IMAX cameras this time around and a poster so stunning makes that IMAX priced ticket all the more tantalizing. You can bet I’ll be shelling out the extra few bucks to treat my eyes with a barrage of superhero heaven.

What do you think, have we seen the best poster yet for The Dark Knight Rises?