Marvel Likely To Regain Full Creative Control Over Spider-Man


Following the massive success of Avengers: Endgame, it would seem like Marvel shouldn’t really have to worry about box office numbers again for a long time. While that may be the case for the majority of the studio’s upcoming films, Spider-Man: Far From Home is definitely the exception. After all, the movie’s total gross has much more at stake than just cash, as if the blockbuster can pull in over one billion dollars, Marvel will regain full creative control over the web-slinger.

This would be huge for the future of the franchise, as while Sony would still own Peter Parker’s rights, Marvel would get to choose when and where he shows up. For example, if Sony wants to put the character alongside Tom Hardy in Venom 2, Marvel would have the right to refuse to allow it.

This will only happen, though, if Spider-Man: Far From Home surpasses a billion at the box office. If not, a good chunk of the creative control will still remain with Sony and they can therefore place the nimble superhero in any production they want. At least, that’s according to sources close to the studio, who’ve explained the situation as such to We Got This Covered.

There’s clearly a lot riding on the performance of the movie, then. One can even make the argument that it’s more important than Avengers: Endgame trying to surpass Avatar, as the entire fate of the beloved wise-cracking character is up for grabs here.

Thankfully for Marvel fans, the flick is already shattering box office records after having the biggest Tuesday opening in history. The film currently sits at over $600 million worldwide, meaning that it’s more than halfway to achieving the benchmark. As such, barring an unlikely drop-off over the next few weeks, it looks like creative control of the hero will once again be returned to the company who created him.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently in theaters around the globe and if you’re hoping for Marvel to regain full creative control, you may want to head out to the cinema to catch it once more.

Source: Twitter