In Defence Of Green Lantern

After months of waiting, pondering, and discussing one of the most anticipated movies of next summer, Entertainment Tonight had some quick footage to show to get us excited about the Ryan Reynolds driven “The Star Wars of comic books”, Green Lantern. To say the footage shocked and jump started the countdown would be misleading to say the least. The exclusive seemed more comical, lighter then most wanted, and (I am declaring this term overused after this article) cheesy.

I am a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds, even when an ex-girlfriend of mine used to yelp whenever he was on the screen there was just something about him that kept me entertained. He was funny, like me, a smart ass, like me, he seemed to be having a good time doing what he loved to do and that’s entertain people, like me. I may not have had the body of a god, but I could relate to him. Unlike my ex’s other crush Paul Walker, still can’t stand him.

When the casting debate began over Green Lantern, I wasn’t behind Ryan being cast when his name was thrown out (he’s supposed to be Deadpool dammit!) but when it was said, done, and he had signed on the dotted line I didn’t feel let down. I can’t even remember who I was rooting for when the casting rumors were in full swing, which should tell you how much support I have for Reynolds. I simply sat there and said, “cool”. Reynolds was the best thing about Blade: Trinity and Waiting and I wouldn’t have laughed nearly as hard as I would have during Just Friends if he wasn’t in it.

I’m not a Green Lantern fan per-say. I’ve heard of him, read a comic here and there but I wasn’t a follower, but I will not miss a chance to experience and join those who live and breathe these stories. Like many of you, I wasn’t impressed with the ET clip, frankly I was kind of pissed. All this wait and THAT’S what you start off with? I’ll agree, the clip had the opposite effect it should have and it probably would have been better had the WB put out a more mysterious trailer, even Transformers managed to get some naysayers into considering the movie after that teaser where you get a brief glimpse of what appeared to be a giant robot destroying a NASA droid.

I get it, this isn’t what you expected, sure as hell wasn’t what I wanted to see, but let’s be real here. The postproduction is nowhere near complete, the CGI isn’t finished, so let‘s face it, dodgy CGI in a CGI heavy movie isn‘t going to tip the scales into the must see category. Should they have released a trailer that obviously looks like crap? No! Studios should take heed and listen, don’t release crap if you’re trying to build excitement to your product. Shame on you WB/DC, shame.

The real teaser was released a few days later and while I like it for showing a more serious tone and better CGI, the bad taste of the ET clip still sits in my mouth. It’s like biting into a cold, week old steak, only to have the waiter take it into the back, reheat it, and send it back out. The teaser showed the more serious tone, which leads me to bring attention to the fact that, look at the audience of the show the movie is being advertised to.

WB/DC, for some reason, decided not to gain the attention of the fans who have been waiting patiently for some footage of a potentially awe-inspiring movie, they played up the silly comedy, quick shots of action, and a scene of Ryan Reynolds running around topless because the main audience for ET is women. Guys, watch how things are marketed during Sons of Anarchy vs. As The World Turns. Totally different groups the studio is trying to gain attention of so they can maximize the profits on their product.

The internet community is being too hard on the film. Is it warranted? In a way…yes, the studio should learn not to think they’re product is bulletproof simply because people are hankering for it and that we, as fans, would gobble up anything they throw out to us. Is it still kind of pointless? In a way…yes, at least in the extent that people are taking it. To say Green Lantern is cheesy, stupid, crappy CGI, a cheese-fest, etc before actually seeing the movie is childish and frankly annoying. The ET clip, does make it seem that way, but you can not make an accurate judgment without seeing the finished product.

The ET clip was damaging to the film, that I will agree, but it hasn’t destroyed it. Relax, be patient, and wait, and if you have anymore doubts may I direct you to just some of the movies by the director of Green Lantern, Martin Campbell. This movie deserves a chance to defend itself on his resume alone (Goldeneye, Mask of Zorro, Casino Royale, and Edge of Darkness).