Inception Game On The Way

Kingpin of the movie world Christopher Nolan, has today confirmed that he is indeed involved with a video game based around the universe of his blockbuster movie Inception. As of now there is no word on what platforms it will be coming out on, but we’d place our bets on it arriving on most of them. Similarly we don’t know when to expect it to be released, but Nolan was quoted saying “I always imagined Inception to be a world where a lot of other stories could take place” which does reveal that this is NOT just a videogame regurgitation, and rather original material.

Nolan goes onto confirm that the game will tell a new story, but be set in the same intellectual space as his mind boggling film of dizziness and headaches. Once again, I have no idea whether Nolan actually knows how to construct a decent game, and we can be sure he will be overseeing the production very carefully. Maybe once we know who the developing team are, we’ll be able to start predicting whether it will be even remotely possible to extract the genius of the film, and inject it forcefully into a videogame title.

Unfortunately so far, most movie-to-videogame projects smell worse than a trailer of blue eggs soaked in goat’s milk, and I just pray that Nolan doesn’t make a huge mess of this (looking at you Avatar).

Bold and clever media move? Or just blind stupidity fueled by an overabundance of cash?

Time will tell…let me know when to wake up.