Incredibles 2’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Has Been Revealed


Incredibles 2 is now just days away from hitting theaters and Pixar fans who’ve been waiting 14 years for the much-anticipated sequel to Brad Bird’s classic superhero animated movie are praying that it’ll live up to the original. Thankfully, all the evidence is pointing towards it being a satisfying follow-up that’s well worth the wait. Just to consolidate that, though, Rotten Tomatoes has now revealed its score for the movie, and it’s very impressive.

As it stands, Incredibles 2 has a mighty rating of 96% based on 48 reviews, and only two of those 48 are designated rotten. Obviously, this percentage will change over time, not least because UK critics have yet to give their say on the film as it won’t arrive there until mid-July. However, it’s still encouraging to see that the movie has kicked off with such a solid score.

According to the Critical Consensus, the sequel doesn’t quite reach the heights of its 2004 predecessor but it’s still a whole lot of fun:

Incredibles 2 reunites Pixar’s family crimefighting team for a long-awaited follow-up that may not quite live up to the original, but comes close enough to earn its name.”

This is indeed what most reviews have been saying about the pic. Early reactions called Incredibles 2 “worth waiting for” and full of “great action sequences” with a “family dynamic [that] is brilliant” that allows for some “strong character development.” The supporting players apparently hog the spotlight, too, as most describe baby Jack-Jack as “hilarious” and “a scene-stealer.” The same goes for fashion designer Edna Mode.

Incredibles 2 sees Elastigirl AKA Helen Parr in the driver’s seat as she leads a publicity campaign to make supers legalized again, which means that Mr. Incredible AKA Bob Parr has to stay home and take on the equally heroic job of being a single parent. We’ll get to make our own judgement on the movie and how it holds up to the original when it smashes into cinemas on June 15th.