Indiana Jones 5 On Life Support Says Producer Frank Marshall

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is commonly regarded around the cinema world as an ill-fated attempt to exploit the legendary whip-cracker for every last dollar.  Steven Spielberg’s fourth film in the Indy franchise was a financial success despite such grumblings, immediately instigating talk of yet another artifact finding adventure. When talks began for Indiana Jones 5, audiences everywhere immediately rolled their eyes in collective fashion.

Well, fear no longer Indiana Jones fans. The Film Stage is reporting super producer Frank Marshall has finally revealed that Indiana Jones 5 can more or less be classified as dead, as numerous parties involved are expressing minimal interest in the project.

Steven Spielberg has been saying since 2008 that fellow collaborator George Lucas had an “idea” of where a fifth script could take Indy, but no official screenplay or plot details were ever confirmed.  Now Marshall has cleared those vague shreds of hope – or disappointment – by confirming there’s no actual idea for a fifth film, and George Lucas apparently “isn’t hungry to do another Indiana Jones.”

Some faith in humanity has been restored.

It’s a bit disheartening to know the Indiana Jones franchise is probably ending on such a lackluster note, but who knows where an Indiana Jones 5 would have ended up story wise.  Aliens somehow entered the once semi-fathomable background of Indy’s Nazi fighting world during his last escapades, opening the door for any other silly mythical creature to distract from the simple joys of adventuring and thieving.

Was anyone out there actually wishing for a fifth Indiana Jones after Crystal Skull sent many fans into fits of anger? I know I wasn’t.