Indiana Jones 5 Rumored To Include Fountain Of Youth And De-Aged Harrison Ford

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Nobody from Disney or Lucasfilm has yet to say otherwise, so as things stand, Indiana Jones 5 is set to enter production in just a few months in order to meet the July 2022 release date. Of course, you’re best not crossing your fingers for that to happen given that there’s no indication of the script being completed, while the fifth outing for the intrepid archeologist has already been delayed multiple times since it was first dated for July 2019.

First-time franchise director James Mangold may have recently hinted that 1960s New York City will act as one of the movie’s primary locations, but this being an Indy adventure, plenty of globetrotting is guaranteed. Unfortunately, plot details remain tightly under wraps, and the studio will surely be looking to keep it that way, but a new rumor claims that the story will revolve around the search for the Fountain of Youth.

According to the latest report, Indiana Jones 5 will begin with the title hero retired and living a life of domestic bliss with Marion Ravenwood, before he gets dragged into the race to discover the Fountain of Youth after learning that several vials of water said to be from the fabled monument are real, which involves a trip to the Bermuda Triangle.

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Perhaps the most worrying part of the rumored plot leak is that Indy will drink some of the water himself, making him the third and final member of the original Star Wars trio to be de-aged in a Lucasfilm project after Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher got the same treatment in The Rise of Skywalker. As we saw in The Mandalorian, the technology isn’t quite there yet to be completely convincing, but for some reason, the studio are keen to implement it as often as possible.

While none of this can be confirmed, and should be taken with a pinch of salt for now, the Fountain of Youth was one of many MacGuffins considered for the fourth movie, so perhaps Indiana Jones 5 writer Dan Fogelman has dusted off the concept to give it a fresh coat of paint.