Harrison Ford Needs To Re-Learn How To Use The Whip For Every Indiana Jones Movie


Indiana Jones 5 is now in the works with Harrison Ford playing the titular character once again. And as fans will know, the actor truly embodies Jones in every way except for his skills with the whip, something he recently admitted that he has to re-learn for every new film.

It’s hard to believe that Ford isn’t a master of whipping it good as in the movies, his form looks flawless when taking down anyone who stands in his way. The famed archaeologist has been doing it for so long that he should know the basics by now. At times, he even looks like he was born with a whip in his hands, but that’s simply not the case.

Apparently, learning to use a weapon of that caliber is nothing like riding a bike, as the actor revealed in an interview with the Associated Press that he must remaster the skillset for each new movie.

Ford dropped this fun little tidbit while promoting his film The Call of the Wild. It seems he wants fans to know that he isn’t done playing Jones just yet and he’s made it clear he doesn’t like the idea of anyone else taking on role anytime soon. It’s been reported that production on the fifth outing in the franchise is slated to start in April 2020 and from the looks of things, that’s still the case.

Given the poor reception that The Crystal Skull received, fans have been hoping for the beloved character to get a proper send-off. The writer behind the project has a pretty good idea for it apparently and according to Ford, the story will resolve part of Indy’s history. It seems everything’s coming together for Jones to get the farewell he deserves, then, and we’ll get to see how it all plays out for ourselves when Indiana Jones 5 hits theaters on July 9th, 2021.