Avengers: Infinity War’s Samuel L. Jackson Throws Shade At DC Movies


A Captain Marvel-inspired post-credits scene notwithstanding, Samuel L. Jackson remained on the sidelines during Avengers: Infinity War, but the Hollywood veteran will still fulfill his superhero quota for 2018 thanks to the forthcoming release of Incredibles 2.

It’s due to light up theaters next Friday, meaning Jackson and his co-stars are busy soliciting all sorts of questions pertaining to the Parr Family and their newfound nemesis, the Underminer. But as SLJ has an ongoing commitment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was only a matter of time before the actor’s recent roundtable interview (via /Film) veered toward Nick Fury, Captain Marvel and Avengers: Infinity War.

The latter has since become a true box office titan, as it teeters on the edge of a $2 billion cume. And Samuel L. Jackson is naturally proud of the MCU and the filmmakers responsible for the franchise’s success, even if that meant throwing a little shade in the direction of DC…

The genre has grown and it has grown inside this one place. Sure, there’s that other company that makes movies that are like this…some of them are good. There’s a real interesting playbook that I look when I watch all the movies and they have this secret sauce…sometimes I wonder because I’m there and I’m looking at the directors and I go “These guys did a TV show. Why are they doing this? If this person does these serious dramas, why is he doing this?” There’s something that they know, or they find that makes it work.

Jackson continued:

The relationships among the people on the inside of those films always become intimate and intricate. Sometimes, the people who are really related, like Loki and Thor, they don’t like each other or there’s family discord. And the people that don’t know each other that are looking for that connection become tied together in a very interesting sort of way. You’ve got your bratty brother in Iron Man. You’ve got your special needs kid in Hulk. You’ve got your sister who turns out to be Black Widow, a real killer. All these things come together and these people find a common goal or they’re all working toward the common good, which brings them together in a very unique and interesting way.

This criticism is not dissimilar to last week’s video essay from Nerdwriter, in which the prominent YouTuber identified the inherent problems with DC fight scenes. Frankly, even if you only have a passing interest in Hollywood’s crowded superhero genre, it’s a must-watch.

Next up for SLJ is Incredibles 2 on June 14th, before the long-in-the-works Captain Marvel movie takes flight early next year.

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