The Innkeepers Movie Poster Released

Dark Sky Film’s new indie horror The Innkeepers got an awesome new movie poster this week, and I’m hoping the movie turns out as cool and atmospheric. The Innkeepers, starring Sara Paxton and Pat Healy, will premiere next week at Austin’s indie film festival SXSW.

Created by The Dude Designs, the movie poster mixes a bit of comedy, some art nouveau, and plenty of spooks-lurking-behind-you ambience. The Innkeepers is, apparently, an old fashioned Victorian ghost story with some comic elements. Think Frighteners or even Ghostbusters. The plot sounds simple enough; two employees in an old, supposedly haunted hotel try to find actual evidence of supernatural activity.

Writer/director Ti West is sure to bring audiences something conversation-worthy. West is best known for his film The House of the Devil, a horror set in the early 80s that felt so authentic it’s hard to believe it was filmed in 2009. It had that 70s satanic cult movie look and feel, even down to the grainy footage. He also helmed Cabin Fever 2 (the less said about that, though, the better). As this horror film is reported to have such a different vibe from The House of the Devil, I’m not quite sure what to expect. But we’ll see soon enough!

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