Crazy Fan Theory Says Harry Potter And Ghostbusters Exist In The Same Universe

Harry Potter

Better put on your tinfoil hat, because we’re about to go on a bumpy ride. If you thought the idea that Michael Bay’s Transformers and the Friday the 13th remake existed in the same universe was crazy, then wait until you hear about the latest fan theory doing the rounds online, which suggests that the Harry Potter franchise and the Ghostbusters movies share a continuity.

The craziest thing about this one is that it sounds completely plausible, with some pretty compelling evidence used to back up the argument. It all hinges on the entire concept of 1984’s Ghostbusters being explained as Muggles using science to accidentally discover magic, with proton packs essentially being wands that make it possible for people to discover things that were previously only known to the wizarding world.

This would make villain Gozer a witch that had been regarded as a deity in ancient times, with the building constructed by her worshipers actually being a Horcrux that would trap her soul inside until it was released by The Gatekeeper. If that isn’t wild enough, then consider the idea that the smarmy Walter Peck is actually a wizard trying to stop the Ghostbusters from figuring all of this out, which is why he goes to such great lengths to try and stop them throughout the movie.

Similarly, the painting of Vigo the Caprathian from the sequel is also said to be a Horcrux, and the reason that the Ghostbusters have been disbanded and labeled as frauds is because the wizarding community went to great lengths to Obliviate the citizens of New York to make them forget that the events of the first movie had even happened.

Even Paul Feig’s much-maligned 2016 reboot is present and accounted for, and the explanation for the majority of the original cast returning as entirely different characters is due to another round of widespread Obliviating by witches and wizards around the world, which is also why people have stopped believing in ghosts yet again.

Accepting that both Harry Potter and Ghostbusters exist in the same narrative space certainly adds an interesting new wrinkle to both franchises, and this seemingly-insane fan theory is actually one of the more well thought out and logical ones that have been circulated recently.