Insidious: Chapter 3 Preview Teaser Lands Ahead Of Full Trailer Tomorrow


Focus Features are ramping up to scare the pants off everyone next Spring with the release of Insidious: Chapter 3. And now, ahead of tomorrow’s “full” teaser trailer, the studio have jumped on the teaser-teaser bandwagon and dropped a snippet of the preview in advance. Yeah, it’s a little crackers, but it’s a ploy that continues to incite intrigue and speculation.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to see here. Hidden in amidst the brief clip are a handful of jump scare shots, but taken out of context they’re a little ineffective. Thankfully, we’ll be able to get a decent gander at the trailer when it lands tomorrow morning.

For the much-awaited third chapter, James Wan vacated the director’s chair to make Fast & Furious 7. Grabbing the megaphone and baseball cap this time around is series creator and co-writer Leigh Whannell, who’ll take audiences back for a prequel of sorts.

As established in the second outing, there’s rather a lot of options and directions to take a threequel. Should it investigate the realm of The Further? Should it hook up nicely with The Lamberts’ story as told in the first two?

Well, what we know for certain is that it’ll follow Lin Shaye’s psychic Elise on a much earlier case. Roping in her ghost-huntin’ buddies (played by Whannell and Angus Sampson), Elise pledges to help a worried father (Dermot Mulroney) whose daughter (Stefanie Scott) is pursued by an entity from The Further.

Insidious: Chapter 3 will loom into theatres on May 29th, 2015.

The newest chapter in the terrifying horror series is written and directed by franchise co-creator Leigh Whannell. This chilling prequel, set before the haunting of the Lambert family, reveals how gifted psychic Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) reluctantly agrees to use her ability to contact the dead in order to help a teenage girl (Stefanie Scott) who has been targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity.