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Inspired Second Trailer For Wonder Woman Sees Diana Prince Lead The Charge

Nipping at the heels of yesterday's teaser, Warner Bros. has launched the second full-length trailer for Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman movie.

We’ve waited an awful long time for a bona fide Wonder Woman movie to emerge blinking into the sunlight – almost 20 years in fact, back when Warner Bros. was busy courting Sandra Bullock for the title role of Diana Prince. Oh, how far we’ve come.

Come June, it is Fast and Furious stalwart Gal Gadot that will be picking up the mantle as the famed Amazonian warrior, and after keeping viewers locked to the edge of their seats with yesterday’s fleeting teaser, WB has now dropped the second full-length Wonder Woman trailer online, and it’s a doozy. There are also three new posters to peruse via the gallery below, touting the courage, wonder and power of Gadot’s majestic heroine.


If Batman V Superman introduced us to an astute, confident Diana Prince, the Patty Jenkins-directed offshoot circles back almost a century to a time in which Gal Gadot’s heroine is still wet behind the ears – naive, even. After crossing paths with Chris Pine’s WWI pilot Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman enlists to fight in The Great War, and here we get to see Gadot’s champion march out of the trenches and onto the front lines with style and grace. There’s also a new look at Themyscira and its beautiful vistas, before Diana Prince suits up in an attempt to prevent the war to end all wars.

Joining Gadot and Pine for the superhero epic are Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Lucy Davis, Danny Huston, Elena Anaya, Saïd Taghmaoui, Ewen Bremner, Lisa Loven Kongsli and David Thewlis.

Wonder Woman is slated for release on June 2, 2017, and those venturing out to see Doctor Strange this coming weekend can surely expect to see this new trailer light up the silver screen.

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