Things Get Intense In New Exodus: Gods And Kings Clips And Featurettes


I know what you’re thinking: “Exodus: Gods and Kings? Didn’t that movie come out already?” Indeed, it does seem like we have now had so many conversations and seen so much footage of Ridley Scott’s upcoming Biblical epic that the movie must have been released by now. But the truth is that Exodus: Gods and Kings does not hit theaters until December 12. In preparation for that landmark, we now have a few more clips and two more featurettes to whet the appetite for swords, sandals, and Christian Bale.

In the first clip, Bale’s Moses and Joel Edgerton’s Ramses go head to head over something that has to do with whether or not Miriam (Indira Varma) is Moses’ sister. I think. Out of context (and not being as up on my Old Testament as I should be), the scene is interesting but not terribly exciting. Ramses seems to be a bit of a jerk, though, which is to be expected. There’s much growling and brandishing of phallic blades. In the second clip, Moses proves that his love for Ramses is totally brotherly, as he gets warm and romantic with a lady friend.

Then there are the featurettes, which adequately convince us that this movie is just all kinds of amazing. I hope for Ridley Scott’s sake that it’s true, because up until this point there has been much skepticism surrounding Exodus: Gods and Kings. Thus far, I have yet to see anything that convinces me this is not another Kingdom of Heaven debacle (that is, before the slightly improved director’s cut was released). Exodus mostly looks like a remake of Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments, this time with even more anachronistic British accents. You can watch the clips and featurettes and see what you think, though.

Exodus: Gods and Kings storms onto screens December 12.