Intense International Trailer For Kong: Skull Island Teases Gods And Monsters


Don’t let the picturesque landscape fool you; Skull Island is home to all manner of unsightly, mythic creatures, many of which you’ll find in today’s all-new international trailer for Kong: Skull Island.

Monsters exist, and on the primordial Pacific island on which Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ reboot takes place, they apparently come in all shapes and sizes. Perched at the tip-top of the food chain is the mighty King Kong himself (hail to the king, baby). Standing at 100ft tall, Vogt-Roberts has previously described his main attraction as a towering, lonely god, one who isn’t afraid to lash out and exert his dominance when called upon.


Though much of the content included in today’s international trailer is actually old footage, the snippet is an exciting reminder that Kong: Skull Island will introduce moviegoers to different breeds of monsters come March, including an impossibly large spider, a mutated Pterodactylus, and the two-legged Skull Crawler. If you’re wanting a closer look at those critters, earlier today Idle Hands published a handful of photos spotlighting Skull Island‘s official toy line.

Angled as the second entry into Legendary’s Kong-Godzilla universe, Kong: Skull Island is set to arrive in theaters on March 10, 2017. It’ll be followed in quick succession by Godzilla: King of Monsters on March 22, 2019, before the studio will begin selling tickets for what is perhaps the greatest gladiator battle of all, Godzilla vs. Kong. A tentative 2020 release date is in place for the latter; however, that seems likely to change in order to lend Gojira’s second outing some breathing room.