International Trailer For Godzilla Shows More Footage Of Large-Scale Destruction


With every new trailer that comes out for Godzilla, it just looks more and more badass. The new international trailer for the film is no exception, as it shows off a level of destruction that had previously only been hinted at. Buildings destroyed? Yeah, it’s got that. A city in ruins? Most definitely. The Statue of Liberty in a state of extreme disrepair? OK, yeah, that one is a little bit of a disaster movie cliche. But it’s in there!

We recently saw a poster and some images from the movie, one of which was Godzilla’s very distinctive tail cutting a swath of destruction through a city street. We also saw a video in which director Gareth Edwards provided commentary on the domestic trailer for the film, giving some insights into the plot of the movie and the specific scenes that were picked for the trailer. Before that, we even reported on what Godzilla’s roar would sound like in the new remake, because let’s face it: that roar could make or break the movie.

Why all the hoopla over yet another American remake of Godzilla? After all, last time around the attempt to Americanize Japan’s most famous movie monster went pretty terribly. Maybe it’s because this time there’s a sense that they could really get it right. Gareth Edwards made a pretty decent monster flick with his debut film, the appropriately-named Monsters. Also, the movie has Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston in it, and he rarely disappoints. Mostly, though, the film just looks good. It looks like a movie a fan of monster movies could really get behind, not too beholden to the original but referential enough to do it justice.

It won’t be too long now before we’ll be able to see the new Godzilla. It’s scheduled to hit theaters on May 16th, just a week before Memorial Day weekend. Will it be the first big smash hit of the summer movie season, or will it be a disappointing big-budget mess? Watch the video below and be prepared to be cautiously optimistic.

Source: Indiewire