New International Trailer For Friends With Benefits

We’ve seen a lot of these types of comedies, well one, the much maligned (and deservedly so in my opinion) No Strings Attached starring Black Swan Oscar winner Natalie Portman and Charlie Sheen-replacement Ashton Kutcher. Like that film, Friends With Benefits puts to use the popular phrase of ‘fuck-buddy’ and turns it into a comedy movie, a film where to friends simply use each other for sex but then find they are falling in love. Today we get a look at a new international trailer which showcases some of the more raunchier material.

It stars Justin Timberlake who was recently brilliant in The Social Network and Mila Kunis who was similarly brilliant in Black Swan, both playing the titular friends with benefits. I have to say I’m quite looking forward to it, which I initially wasn’t. It is directed by Will Gluck, who made the John Hughes-esque Easy A last year and did a terrific job. Also the supporting includes some wonderful character actors like Patricia Clarkson, Woody Harrelson and my favourite, Richard Jenkins. Friends With Benefits will be released on July 22nd, watch the trailer below.

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