The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Pedro Pascal’s New Netflix Movie

Pedro Pascal

Nobody would deny that audiences love a good comic book-style movie, and We Can Be Heroes, the other Christmas Day superhero streaming release starring Pedro Pascal, is getting a lot of love online.

The story revolves around Missy Moreno, the daughter of retired sword fighting hero Marcus Moreno (Pascal), who along with the other children of the world’s ‘Heroics’ is taken to a secure bunker for their safety after their parents are all captured in an attack by an alien menace. Realizing they aren’t safe, Missy leads the nascent team against their enemy, and overcomes her own feelings of inadequacy at having no powers herself.

People certainly haven’t been shy in expressing how much they enjoyed the movie, and took to social media to make it known, as you can see below.

Although technically a standalone sequel to 2005 misfire The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, there’s no narrative connection other than the supporting appearances of the eponymous teen heroes now grown to adulthood. And though just as much a kids’ film, We Can Be Heroes is nowhere near as chaotic a pileup of dreamscape nonsense as its predecessor, and carries itself with wit, charm and imagination.

While Pedro Pascal’s role is not a major one, his presence is significant in scenes where the incapacitated heroes attempt to escape while watching their children’s exploits on security feeds. With the adults just as prone to bickering and infighting as their offspring, Marcus is as much a voice of reason as Missy, demonstrating the principles of compassion and logic he clearly passed on to his daughter. With this and The Mandalorian, Pascal is well on his way to cornering the market as streaming services’ premiere Badass Hot Dad.

We Can Be Heroes is driven by the kid-friendly message that heroism comes from strength of character rather than what superpowers you happen to be born with, which although undeniably cheesy, is delivered with such utter sincerity that it’s impossible to not be drawn in by it.