The Internet Wants David Tennant As The Riddler In The Batman

Jim-Carrey-as-The-Riddler-in-Batman-Forever (1)

Robert Pattinson might be locked in as the new Caped Crusader, but Matt Reeves’ The Batman has yet to announce who the villains will be. If recent reports are to be believed though, then the Dark Knight’s next standalone outing might boast a whopping six different antagonists for Bats to face off against.

Obviously, this has led to a ton of fan-casting for the film’s “Rogues Gallery.” In fact, just the other day, we saw some rather impressive art which imagined David Tennant of Doctor Who and Jessica Jones fame as the next Riddler. Of course, there’s nothing to indicate that Warner Bros. is actually looking at Tennant for the role, but judging by what folks are saying on Twitter, it seems there are a lot of DC fans out there who’d be down to see this happen.

Then again, Tennant is far from the first actor that the internet has put forth for the role of The Riddler, with previous art showing us how Sebastian Stan and Simon Pegg could look in the part. But again, Tennant seems to have a lot of support and below, you can find just a sampling of what people are saying about him possibly becoming the next Riddler.

These folks are all absolutely right, as David Tennant would definitely make for a great Riddler. We’ve seen him pull off dark, angry characters (such as Jessica Jones’ Kilgrave) in the past and he’d also be a good fit to portray Edward Nygma’s twisted sense of humor. Not to mention that it’d just be great to have such a talented and beloved actor join the DCEU.

Of course, Warner Bros. and Reeves could have something else in mind for the character and choose someone completely different to play The Riddler in The Batman, but if they do end up deciding to go with Tennant, it’s clear that it’d be a decision that would excite a lot of people.