The Internet Wants Dwayne Johnson To Play Knuckles In Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Dwayne Johnson

Many people were predicting the worst for Jeff Fowler’s Sonic the Hedgehog, and understandably so, as the original design for the character was rather terrifying and no one really wanted to hand over their money to sit in a cinema watching a family film where the titular hero was a nightmare to look at. Thankfully, then, Paramount delayed the pic by three months and spent millions of dollars on a total redesign.

Things worked out well, too, as Sonic the Hedgehog went on to find itself as just the second video game adaptation ever to secure a Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes after Detective Pikachu, not to mention it’s also the fourth biggest hit of this year thanks to bringing in $310 million globally.

Of course, a sequel was announced in short order and we know that it’ll feature Knuckles in what’s said to be a substantial role. Who will play the part remains to be seen, but fans have one actor in particular in mind for the job, as you can see below.

Indeed, Dwayne Johnson would certainly be a good choice to voice Knuckles and he’s even been linked to the part in the past. Does that mean it’ll happen? No, but we also wouldn’t rule it out at this stage.

Whether it’s The Rock or not, though, we’ve no doubt that Paramount will rope in an A-lister for the gig and you can be sure that a number of them would be willing to sign up given how successful Sonic the Hedgehog was. But tell us, do you think Johnson is right for Knuckles, or is there someone else you’d rather see in the role? Let us know down below.