Fans Are Freaking Out Over Nick Fury Petting A Cat In The Captain Marvel Trailer


Sometimes you never really know a person until after they’re gone, and while Nick Fury has been a cherished member of the MCU for many years, it’s only in the wake of his death in Avengers: Infinity War that we’re finally getting some confirmation from the latest Captain Marvel trailer that he is indeed a cat person.

Carol Danvers’ big screen debut is set to take us back to the ‘90s, when the future Avengers assembler first crosses paths with the franchise’s most powerful superhero, and better yet, gets to meet her adorable little feline friend Goose. After witnessing the newly released footage of a digitally de-aged Fury baby-talking to the little orange tabby, it seems the fans couldn’t be happier, taking to Twitter to reflect on their discovery of this whole new side to the character:

But while most fans are as smitten with Goose as Fury is, some viewers have read enough of the comics to know that this supposed feline might actually be an alien creature, and are speculating that the little animal could be responsible for Fury losing his eye:

Well, the trailer does open with Carol punching an old lady in the face before it’s revealed that the assaulted woman is actually a Skrull in disguise. Evidently, appearances in this film will be deceptive.

But to take things back to Nick, while it remains to be seen whether the movie will show us how Samuel L. Jackson’s character earned his eyepatch, we’ll presumably be getting a lot more context for his last-minute Infinity War distress signal when Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th, 2019. After that, you can expect Carol and perhaps even Fury to make a return in Avengers 4, which is scheduled for release on May 3rd.