The Internet’s Freaking Out Over The New Spiral: From The Book Of Saw Trailer

Spiral: From the Book of saw

The next chapter of the Saw franchise is scheduled to arrive in a little over six weeks, so we were about due a new trailer for Spiral, which comes a full thirteen months after the first footage was revealed.

The popular torture porn series may have hauled in close to a billion dollars at the box office over the course of its previous eight installments, but creative bankruptcy set in a long time ago, with the movies largely sold on the back of the elaborate traps constructed by Tobin Bell’s serial killer Jigsaw and little else.

However, the presence of Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson in the cast has increased interest in Spiral exponentially, with the former heavily involved in cracking the story, while he also takes an executive producing credit for good measure. The new trailer only debuted a couple of hours ago, but it’s already captured the imagination of the internet, as you can see from the reactions below.

Returning director Darren Lynn Bousman, who helmed the second, third and fourth Saw movies, clearly wasn’t kidding around when he said Spiral was inspired by David Fincher’s Seven. There’s plenty of atmosphere and tension on display in the new footage, but it kind of makes you wonder why they bothered tying it into the mythology at all when any connections to Jigsaw appear to be tangential at best, and it looks like it could have existed perfectly well as a standalone crime thriller with a heavy horror element.

That being said, it’s shaping up to be the most impressive Saw movie yet if the latest trailer is any indication, and we’ll be able to find out for sure if that’s the case when Spiral hits theaters on May 14th.