The Internet Is Loving Chris Pratt’s New Sci-Fi Movie

The Tomorrow War

Chris Pratt‘s The Tomorrow War hit Amazon Prime Video today and is currently lighting up social media. Pratt plays Dan Forester, a biology teacher and Iraq War special forces veteran who gets sucked into a bizarre time-travel adventure. The conceit is that in the year 2051 Earth is being invaded by aliens, with humanity now on the brink of extinction.

With the worlds’ militaries having already been defeated, the last desperate hope is to draft soldiers from the past and bring them to the future. Forester is one of them and finds himself navigating a doomed future he doesn’t quite understand against desperate odds. It sounds like a fun ride, particularly as the supporting cast includes always-great J.K. Simmons as an anti-government Vietnam vet.

Here’s how it’s going down on Twitter:

This reception will come as a relief to Amazon, as professional critics haven’t been singing its praises. The Tomorrow War is sitting at 56% on the Tomatometer, with critics saying the concept is great, but the execution is lacking. Some of the more positive ones say that it’s “gloriously moronic,” but many of them wish that it’d slow down to explore the setting more thoroughly.

It’s also worth remembering that this is one of many films that have faced substantial delays due to COVID. The original theatrical release date was set to be Christmas Day 2020, but was then moved to July 23, 2021. But things still aren’t great for movie theaters and Amazon stepped in to offer $200 million to buy the movie for Amazon Prime Video.

Whether their investment will pay off remains to be seen, but judging from the positivity online The Tomorrow War seems to have found its audience.