The Internet Is Loving Mel Gibson’s New Action Movie

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson might not be the all-conquering A-list star that he used to be, and his career was noticeably hurt by some public scandals in his personal life, but there are still very few actors out there that possess his unique blend of world-weary gravitas and grizzled charisma.

The 65 year-old has been putting those talents to solid use recently, headlining gritty action thrillers Blood Father and Dragged Across Concrete, utilizing his screen persona for comedic effect in Daddy’s Home 2, and playing a very different type of Santa Claus in Fatman, while he’s set to reunite with co-star Danny Glover and director Richard Donner for Lethal Weapon 5.

Gibson’s latest movie has just hit Hulu, but he’s not even the star of Boss Level, with reliable action hero Frank Grillo taking center stage in Joe Carnahan’s gonzo time loop actioner. Instead, the former lurks in the background as the malevolent villain, with the latter putting a lifetime of martial arts and boxing training to good use as he barrels his way through a series of inventive set pieces.

Of course, it’s only the first week of March, but a real argument can already be made for Boss Level as one of the best action movies of the year, and as you can tell from the reactions below, it’s going down a storm online.

boss level

Gibson seems happy to settle into a Liam Neeson-esque role at this stage in his career, with another three action thrillers in various stages of development in addition to Lethal Weapon 5, and make no doubt about it, Boss Level is very much Frank Grillo’s film. Which is perfectly fine, as the action is more than solid, the premise is a whole lot of fun, and the leading man comfortably carries the whole thing with ass-kicking aplomb.