The Internet’s Loving The New Wrong Turn Reboot

Wrong Turn

The Wrong Turn franchise has never been among the genre’s A-listers, but even so it carved out its own niche in gripping rural horror. The first entry landed in 2003 and was a hit, showing a group of attractive college students being hunted and killed by backwoods cannibals. That was followed by five straight-to-DVD sequels, none of which lived up to the promise of the first movie. But now The Domestics director Mike P. Nelson’s reboot is picking up some serious attention.

Simply titled Wrong Turn (or Wrong Turn: The Foundation internationally), the new entry takes the same basic premise as the original but emphasizes the political dimension, playing up the division between the well-off metropolitan liberal kids and the isolated mountain people. The pic saw a limited theatrical release in late January and reviewed very well, with’s Nick Allen calling it a “bizarre, winding odyssey,” Lee McCoy of Drumdums saying it’s “ambitious and daring” and Sara Michelle Fetters of hyping it as “a brutally uncompromising descent into unflinching terror.”

Due to COVID-19, few caught it in theaters, but it released on DVD and Blu-ray yesterday and reactions online have been very positive, as you can see below:

Based on these reactions, I’m definitely going to check it out over the weekend. COVID-19 rules mean there’s still no socializing in person, but I’ll probably to set up an online watch party with my horror buddies so that we can all enjoy it together.

Given that the Wrong Turn reboot seems to be a success with audiences, let’s hope it makes a decent profit. If so, the pic could potentially kick off a whole new line of sequels, and if they follow this template, they may even surpass the grisly and gory originals.