The Internet Reacts To First Detective Pikachu Trailer


While you have every right to stay skeptical about Detective Pikachu (this is a video game movie, after all), it must be said that the film’s first trailer suggests that the franchise’s long-awaited jump to live-action cinema will prove to be a fair bit less awkward than many of us were anticipating, with the fluffy little investigator and his peers generally looking pretty well-rendered next to the human cast.

Is that a good enough reason to get excited about this upcoming Ryan Reynolds-led flick? Not necessarily, but it’s clear that this teaser is already winning over some naysayers. While there are certainly still Pokémon fans out there who aren’t on board with the project, the bulk of the online response to the trailer so far looks to be ranging from cautiously optimistic to “mega hyped.”

Feast your eyes below for a spectrum of opinions:

Regardless of how you feel about seeing these pocket monsters in live-action form, you still have wonder how it took so long for studios to go through with such a feat, with the film’s release falling roughly two decades after the franchise’s peak years as a cultural phenomenon.

Perhaps the Detective Pikachu game itself was the inspiration that Warner Bros. needed, or maybe it was the success of Pokémon Go which served as a necessary reminder that these creatures now hold a cherished place in the hearts of multiple generations. Then again, maybe it’s more a matter of this property getting old enough to be nostalgic, which would explain why the trailer keeps its focus on Pokemon from the Red and Blue days.

But regardless of what the thinking was behind Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, it looks like a fair few filmgoers will be surprising themselves a little when they make the trip to see it in cinemas from May 10th, 2019.