The Internet Has Mixed Feelings On The Ghostbusters 3 Announcement


In 2016, Ghostbusters became a surprisingly touchy subject when Paul Feig’s female-led reboot (or more specifically, the trailer for Paul Feig’s female-led reboot) drew heavy backlash that quickly escalated into some pretty ugly territory. In this storm of controversy, the actual quality of the film itself was practically beside the point, but regardless of whether you feel the movie deserved better than its underwhelming box office figures, at least the lack of a sequel allowed the world to move on from this all-round unpleasant chapter in recent pop culture.

Sadly, in the wake of last night’s announcement that director Ivan Reitman’s son Jason Reitman is working on a Ghostbusters 3 that goes back to the continuity of the first two movies, it looks like old tensions are bubbling to the surface once more. And while some fans are just glad to see more from the series, many feel it’s a shame that Feig’s version didn’t make it past one movie, while others are just tired of Columbia’s continued insistence on bringing back the property.

Columbia has been struggling to make a third installment in the original Ghostbusters timeline happen for many years now, with Bill Murray seeming to go back and forth on the project. As it stands, no cast has been officially announced for the film, though Dan Aykroyd certainly seemed to think last year that he’d be involved in the sequel, and even stated a couple of months ago that he believes Murray will also come back.

In any case, Ghostbusters 3 is reportedly aiming for a summer 2020 release, but in the meantime, the responses you see above are surely just the start of the discourse this project will inspire.

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