The Internet Reacts To Wonder Woman 1984 Delay


After the commercial and critical success of last year’s Wonder Woman, the upcoming sequel just might be the most bankable release that the DCEU has on its schedule. This makes it a curious, though some would argue well-judged move that Wonder Woman 1984 has been delayed a whole seven months, reportedly so that the feature can claim its place among the year’s summer blockbusters.

Warner’s President of Domestic Distribution Jeff Goldstein managed to put a positive spin on the development, saying that “This move lands the film exactly where it belongs,” before actress Gal Gadot took to Twitter with much the same sentiment. But as you’d imagine, plenty of fans aren’t too happy to hear the news, and weren’t shy about expressing their feelings, either.

Other social media users, however, offered responses that ranged from happy that Patty Jenkins’ film has been moved to the summer, to intrigued by what this strategy could be saying about the other comic book movies that Warner Bros. has coming our way.

The Joaquin Phoenix Joker film is headed for an October 4th, 2019 release, and the standalone feature seems to mark a shift away from the Marvel-esque cinematic universe model that Warner have been trying in recent years.

The change in approach feels due, seeing how the first Wonder Woman is the only DCEU entry to date that’s been almost universally well-received. But while this interconnected comic book world currently seems to be crumbling around Wonder Woman 1984, anticipations remain high for the film, and are likely to stay that way until it finally hits theaters on June 5th, 2020. Before all that, however, fellow Justice League alumnus Arthur Curry will be seeing if he can repeat Diana’s solo success when Aquaman comes out this year on December 21st.