The Internet Remembers Paul Walker On 7th Anniversary Of His Death

Paul Walker

Paul Walker’s tragic death in 2013 left the world in shock, with the actor being taken from us far too soon. And today, on the 7th anniversary of his passing, the internet is remembering the performer and all the good memories he brought us.

Obviously, Walker will always be most closely associated with the mega successful Fast and Furious franchise, but with over 40 credits to his name according to IMDb, it’s clear that he led a very diverse career that spanned numerous projects and genres, all of which resulted in him becoming one of Hollywood’s most enjoyable and dependable action stars.

Circling back to the anniversary of his death, though, and below you can find a sample of what folks are saying over on Twitter to mark the occasion:

Paul Walker

Of course, while Walker is no longer with us, he’s certainly not been forgotten about – as you can see up above – and we may even get to witness his return to the big screen again. He was already brought back in Furious 7 using existing footage mixed with visual effects and the help of his brothers as body doubles, and there’ve been rumors that he’ll be showing up in F9 as well in some capacity.

With the film not due to release until May 28th, 2021, it’ll probably be a while yet before we find out for sure if he’s going to return once more, but even if he doesn’t, you can be sure that the ninth installment in the mega successful franchise will still acknowledge Paul Walker in some way. After all, his shadow looms large over the beloved Fast and Furious series and his absence is certainly felt.