The Internet Wants Ryan Reynolds As Johnny Cage In Mortal Kombat 2

Ryan reynolds

Mortal Kombat debuted last week and it’s proven to be a massive hit for Warner Bros. on streaming, with the video game adaptation breaking HBO Max’s records, as it earned more views in just its first three days than Godzilla vs. Kong did in its first five. It might not have received critical acclaim, but fans of the franchise seem to have had a great time with it and the only real issue for them is that it doesn’t feature a beloved character – Johnny Cage.

Cage is a priority for the sequel, though, as we know that Lewis Tan’s Cole Young heads off to Hollywood at the end of the film, which suggests he’s set to bump into the action star the next time around. The question is, then, who could bring Cage to life? Well, there’s one actor who’s so perfect for the role that it seems like the whole internet supports his casting. Yes, ever since Mortal Kombat dropped, Twitter is overflowing with fans calling for Ryan Reynolds to be hired for the part, as you can see below.

Only might be?

Ryan Reynolds 4 Johnny Cage!

It’s gotta happen.

Do the smart thing, Warner Bros.

We can’t imagine anyone else.

On the other hand, there’s been a lot of buzz recently about WWE star The Miz maybe taking on the part after he publicly made it known he’d love to play Cage. However, it looks like a lot of fans are still loyal to Reynolds.

Here’s an alternate suggestion: Zachary Levi would also be great.

Another vote for Levi, although on the whole, it seems Reynolds still has the majority.

Writer Greg Russo has explained that Cage didn’t end up appearing in this first film as there just wasn’t a natural fit for him in the story, what with all the other characters that needed juggling, so it was decided to hold him back for the sequel where he could really make his mark. If his arrival in the follow-up is set to be a big deal, then, that does suggest the studio will be looking for an A-lister to portray him in Mortal Kombat 2. But will it be Reynolds who winds up in the part? Time will tell.