The Internet Wants Tom Holland To Star In Netflix’s Legend Of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

The rumored Legend of Zelda adaptation may be little more than a twinkle in Netflix’s eye right now, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the video game series from voicing their support for one particular casting choice that the streaming platform is reportedly hoping to secure.

We heard last week that Tom Holland is being eyed for the role of Link, the long-serving hero of Nintendo’s iconic series who, along with the titular Princess Zelda, is repeatedly tasked with halting the evil schemes of Ganondorf. These plans are all extremely preliminary, of course, and while Holland may indeed be front of the queue, who’s to say if the actor ends up being contacted, let alone even having an interest in the part.

Whatever the outcome, the internet already appears to be sold on the idea, and you can check out some early, very excitable reactions from folks over on Twitter below.

Not everyone is convinced about the pairing, however. As a character that’s historically always been presented as a mute, blank canvas for players to assume control of, Holland’s talents would arguably be somewhat wasted on playing such a part and given how protective over its various intellectual properties Nintendo is known to be, it’s unlikely that it would be happy with such a key personality trait being so drastically altered.

Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see what transpires in the future with this one, though if the project does move forward, we’ll definitely be rooting for Holland to snag the lead role. Likewise, if Brie Larson gets her wish, we could even see the Captain Marvel star end up playing the title role of Zelda.