The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Super Mario Bros. Movie Extended Cut

Super Mario Bros.

It’s almost impressive that Hollywood’s first major big budget adaptation of a popular video game property still remains one of the worst, and people have been calling the genre cursed ever since they first laid eyes on Super Mario. Bros. almost 30 years ago.

While it’s long since gone on to enjoy a second life as something of an ironic cult favorite in a ‘so bad it’s actually entertaining’ kind of way, the torturous tale of bringing it to the big screen is arguably a whole lot more interesting than the film itself. The script went through countless rewrites all the way through production, and even the editing process was described as a nightmare.

Bob Hoskins called it the worst movie he’d ever made, Dennis Hopper blasted directors Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel for being out of their depth, and they responded by labeling the hard-partying star as unprofessional. Ultimately, Morton would simply and succinctly describe the entire process as “harrowing.”

However, because we live in the age of the Snyder Cut where fan-baiting extended versions of disappointing blockbusters are all the rage, folks are naturally going wild over the recent reveal of the Super Mario Bros. Extended Cut, as you can see from the reactions below.

Super Mario Bros.

Not only is the new version 20 minutes longer, but it’s also available to watch on Internet Archive completely free of charge, although surely only diehard fans of Super Mario Bros. would be brave enough to revisit a movie that’s lived on in infamy for three decades almost entirely due to how terrible it is. But then again, it may also pique the curiosity of those wondering if it truly lives up to its reputation.

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