The Internet’s Loving Netflix’s Big New Sci-Fi Movie

Space Sweepers

The majority of Netflix‘s 200 million subscribers might be native English speakers, but sci-fi is a universal language. The genre is born from big ambitions and sometimes even bigger ideas, with many of the streaming service’s best original projects set within the realms of science fiction hailing from all over the world.

German series Dark is one of the most impressive sci-fi shows of the modern era and one of the platform’s truly hidden gems, while the country’s Biohackers won critical acclaim and has been renewed for a second season. Denmark’s post-apocalyptic The Rain and Norway’s Ragnarok have also proven popular, while Chinese blockbuster The Wandering Earth found another huge audience when Netflix acquired international distribution rights to the movie after it made close to $700 million at the local box office.

The latest international phenomenon is intergalactic South Korean blockbuster Space Sweepers, which is still the most-watched film in the content library across the world, a position it’s held since first arriving last Friday. Subscribers can’t seem to get enough of the light-hearted space opera, and you can check out just some of the reactions below.


Jo Sung-hee’s latest effort debuted at the summit of the most-watched list in over fifteen countries, and it’s worked out pretty well for all parties that any plans for a theatrical release were shelved last summer due to the Coronavirus pandemic, with Netflix stepping in to pick up the rights. And as the buzz continues to spread across the internet like wildfire, Space Sweepers could yet end up holding onto the top spot for a while longer, making it abundantly clear that after the year we’ve had, people just want some good old fashioned escapism.