The Internet’s Mad At Netflix For Removing Johnny Depp Movies

Johnny Depp

You can’t fault the unwavering loyalty of Johnny Depp‘s fans, but they’re hardly going to help the actor’s fading reputation in the long run if they continue to furiously attack anything that can even be remotely construed as a slight against their hero.

Threatening to boycott Fantastic Beasts 3 is pretty understandable after Depp was forced to resign from the role of Grindelwald, but in the eyes of the law, he was the one who lost a court case and gave Warner Bros. the grounds to drop him, while he picked up a substantial $16 million check for one day of work to soften the blow.

The voice cast of Animaniacs, meanwhile, were subjected to a torrent of abuse on social media after a throwaway gag aired as part of the animated show’s revival, but the petition to have the creative team apologize fell on deaf ears. Now, Netflix have become the latest target of Depp’s militant supporters, for reasons that are completely ridiculous.

The streaming service removed a handful of the 57 year-old’s movies from the content library recently, and all of a sudden social media has become awash with furious fans blasting the company and threatening to cancel their subscriptions, as you can see below.

Ignoring the fact that one of the titles removed from the library was The Rum Diary, which happens to co-star Amber Heard, and even glossing over the recent news that Rango just hit the platform, this is starting to get a little out of hand.

After all, movies come and go from Netflix all the time as contracts lapse, distribution rights change hands and the various competing streaming services try to gather as many of their own projects under one roof as possible, and the only reason this has gained any traction is because Johnny Depp is involved.