Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Now Has A Confirmed Release Date


It’s so exciting when a prodigiously talented director is given opportunity after opportunity and consistently rises to every challenge placed in front of him, exceeding everyone’s wildest expectations. Christopher Nolan is probably the best mainstream filmmaker working right now, and that studios are falling over themselves to give him as much money as he needs to do whatever the hell he wants is testament to the meritocracy of Hollywood. If you’re good, you’ll make it.

Interstellar, his next film, now has a solid, official release date – November 7th, 2014. That date has been circulating around the internet for a while – we covered it in April, in fact – but it hasn’t been officially confirmed till now. Not only is November 7th, 2014 perfect for awards season, it is also the date that Disney is releasing its first fully-animated Marvel property, Big Hero 6. Other films will no doubt emerge as being released on that date too, but they will be almost certainly crushed to dust.

While this does mean that we have to wait almost a year and a half for our next slice of Nolan fun, it also gives us the opportunity to speculate wildly on every single potential element. Some of the main cast has been revealed – Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, previous Nolanites Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine – and we have a basic idea of the story, but no specifics as of yet.

What is that story? Well, it’s a good thing you asked. It concerns physicist and lecturer Kip Thorne, and his experiments with the use of wormholes for time travel. The official blurb going round reads thusly:

… (it’s) a heroic voyage to the farthest borders of our scientific understanding…

And that’s all anybody knows. The film is being co-produced by Warner Bros. and Paramount, both companies recognising the massive potential critical and commerical success that comes from any Christopher Nolan project.

It’s not out for ages, so we’ll all just have to sit on our hands and watch Inception over and over again, to get into the right frame of mind. With today’s date being the 3rd of June, and Interstellar‘s release date as November 7th 2014, you should be able to watch Inception roughly 5133 times. What are you waiting for?